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president's statement to the american people, what the commander in chief said about the air strikes in libya and how his critics are responding. >> three children trapped, saved by a daring escape. a virginia couple faces child abuse charges. >> first, a spring break. waking up to temperatures below freezing. "good morning washington" the 5:00 a.m. begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. thanks for joining us on this tuesday. let's get started with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey is back from his break. it is hard to believe it is almost april. >> the average high today is almost 60. we will probably be in the low 50's this afternoon. the last days have been in the
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40's. another cold day today. let's look at the satellite and radar. clear skies. a few clouds of to the west. we will see some of that in our region later today. a mostly sunny day. the clouds will roll into night and will bring a wintry mix tomorrow. 28 degrees in hagerstown, 29 in quantico, 27 in culpeper, 37 in lexington park, 28 in gaithersburg. mostly sunny, low to mid 50's today. cloudy tomorrow with light mixed precipitation with limited accumulation in the higher elevations out west. looks good around the beltway, interstate travel, looks good out of southern maryland looks good between annapolis and cheverly. no troubles on 95 or the b-w parkway. 270 southbound beginning to build in volume at urbana. moving nicely at father hurley
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boulevard. 66 95, 395, no accidents. northbound our headlights in this camera, springfield. back to you. >> thank you. a shocking abuse case in the d.c. suburb. a virginia couple lost three children in a room with no clothing or even a bathroom. >> the more disturbing issue is the mother is no stranger to abuse allegations. the latest place along the 12,000 lots of loft court in bristow. pamela brown has the latest from the investigation. >> good morning. >> we've have learned this unfolded over the weekend. three daughters, aged four months and older were trapped in a room behind me on this cul-de- sac in bristow, virginia. those three children have been
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turned over to the child protective services. 33-year-old john robey and 26- year-old christina moore are behind bars facing felony count abuse, three counts. it all happens inside this two- storage family house on lost court in bristow. >> you don't do that to a child. they are god's gift. >> on saturday the two trapped there naked daughters in a small room by nailing a 5 ft. tall piece of dry wall in front of the doorway. the four-year-old escaped and alerted a neighbor that her sisters were trapped. >> it was brave of them to do that because those little kids don't deserve that life. >> the neighbor called authorities and found feces and urine covering the room. no evidence of injury or
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malnourishment. they believe the girls were in that room for no more than a day. neighbors had seen police there before. the couple has an extensive criminal background. in 2005 christina moore was arrested after the 22-month-old boys were found wandering alone on a country road. she was asleep at a nearby camper. it's not clear who has custody now. the couple faces three counts of child neglect. pamela brown, abc 7 news. prince george's county police are investigating a double shooting. two men were shot last night on southern avenue of the district line in oxon hill. the victims walked into a gas station and called police. their injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. a domino's pizza store in seat pleasant remains closed as police searched for the person who killed an employee.
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38-year-old paul bennett was shot and killed sunday night after delivering a pizza to an apartment on seat pleasant road. it was. a was they say someone wanted pizza and did not want to pay. -- it was a setup. president obama goes to new york today defending american involvement in attacks on gaddafi's forces in libya. >> he announced last night nato will take command tomorrow of the libya operation. ben eisler there is tracking developments. >> the president's case centers around human rights and human values. he argued last night that the u.s.-led coalition helped to avert a massacre that would have "stained the contents of the world." the alliance against gaddafi has made significant gains. rebels have recaptured nearly all the ground they lost and are closing in on the home town of gaddafi. the president emphasized that these gains have come at a
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relatively low-cost. the u.s. has not gone into this along. so the progress has come without u.s. ground troops and with a full transfer of power to nato tomorrow. the president stopped short of supporting a forceful removal of adopted, which has become a point of contention with republicans. >> now we are fighting on the side of the anti-gaddafi rebels. we are paving the way for them. we should acknowledge that. >> the president has found himself all along caught between those saying that he has not done enough and those that have said he has done too much. hillary clinton is in london today with international leaders to explore other options such as financial. the situation at the crippled japanese nuclear power plant is being described as "very grave."
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this comes after a highly toxic plutonium was found in several spots outside the facility. the amounts are not high enough to hurt human beings according to officials but it supports the theory that dangerously radioactive water is leaking. the supreme court will hear arguments today on whether a massive class-action lawsuit against wal-mart can go forward. it is the biggest job discrimination lawsuits ever. the women say they were subjected to years of sex discrimination, passed over for promotions, and paid less than men. walmart denies the allegations. dc's mayor vincent gray did not mention the controversy surrounding his administration in his first day of the district address. he outlined a vision for progress in the city. he spoke about possible cuts to make up for $322 million budget shortfall, but did not offer specifics. he is expected to outline his budget to the d.c. council on
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friday. 5:07 35 degrees. >> still to come a rare attack in the middle of the national mall at the height of a busy spring tourist season. we will have a live report. >> metro management has a birthday wish from congress. >> more rain and even snowfall in
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tuesday morning, adam caskey and outside in arlington. it is unusually cold. look at these temperatures. down in the 20's in some locations. low to mid 30's otherwise. 33 in germantown. 36 in riverdale, maryland. 29 in la plata, 35 in alexandria. 33 in northwest d.c. it will be a few degrees warmer than yesterday and the past couple days. 53 today, sunny. mostly cloudy tonight. tomorrow there is a system that will give us a little rain/snow mix of and on through the day tomorrow with limited accumulations in the highest elevations to the north and
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northwest of the metro. now to lisa baden. we are rolling along. normal travel times along 95 between washington and baltimore. no worries on the beltway near andrews air force base. looks good on the other side of the beltway near tysons and over the american legion bridge. normal travel times on 270 leaving father hurley. looks good on 66 out of centreville to the beltway. now to alison. 5:12, 35 degrees. >> the iphone 4 when abel's best seller will be up for an upgrade. -- apple's welcome back to geico radio, it's savings, on the radio. hello uh george and linda! george: hello mr. gecko! linda: so, we're such huge fans _ george: of yours...and would be really honored... linda: ...if you would marry us. me? linda: yea! you just seemstso _ george: british - sounding.
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blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack. tech in our top stories. a virginia couple is behind bars
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on child abuse charges after authorities say that they trapped three young girls in the bedroom at their bristow home by nailing dry wall to the door. police arrested john robey and christina moore after one of the girls escaped and ran to a neighbor's house. president obama is defending american attacks on targets in libya. he said the u.s. intervened to prevent a slaughter of civilians. he says targeting libyan leader gaddafi would be a mistake. media reports say that a group of new york state workers made be the winner of saturday's huge mega millions akbar. the winners had not yet come forward to claim the $319 million prize. the winning ticket was bought at an albany convenience store. this morning in u.s. park police are looking for a pair of brazen robbers. the two men attacked someone in the middle of the national mall.
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brianne carter if it's live near the smithsonian gardens with why this crime is especially troubling. good morning. >> good morning. park police say this attempted robbery is the first of its kind to happen here in many years. it happened in a very busy area of the national mall. we are right across from where the pope mary go-around is. this is the time, springtime, when we have a lot of visitors at the nation's capital for the cherry blossoms festival and other events. this happens after 5:00 yesterday afternoon. a u.s. park police spokesperson says a man was in the castle garden at the smithsonian institution near 9th and jefferson streets southwest when he was attacked by two masked men. the man knocked him down and went through his pockets but they fled without taking anything. d.c. fire and cms transported him to an area hospital with minor injuries. something like this happening
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park police are still investigating, trying to determine who was responsible. brianne carter, abc 7 news. -- d.c. fire and ems. dramatic gains on standardized tests at some d.c. public schools may have been driven by cheating. this is what an investigation by usa today is suggesting. some schools with high scores also had an unusual number of erasures. spokesperson kaya henderson says that alone is not evidence of cheating. president obama says standardized tests are often used to punish teachers and students and should not be the only way to measure student achievement. he said he does not want to see teachers teaching tricks for taking tests. the president is pushing congress to maintain this to the "no child left behind law. a d.c. bookstore will be under new management. a former journalist and another
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person will purchase the bookstore in northwest. the co-owners put it up for sale after one of them became sick last year. she died in october. it's not known how much it sold for. nintendo's new stocker game, how it stacks up -- soccer game. >> amazon wants is an online blocker for all your digital stuff. it lets you store music photos, and videos online access them any time from any computer. the company is also launching a player that lets users in your music over the web and the android smartphone. anyone with an android account gets 5 gigabytes of three stores. there's a new soccer game, a new game available for the new nintendo 3d handheld game in
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consoles. sports illustrated says the game makes perfect use of all the system's new features. >> the 3 d effects don't let up throughout the action as you are going down the field trying to find your teammates. you have to find options from a 3d perspective in order to get the ball into the net. time to check traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> adam caskey is back, in time to tell us is still cold. >> it is still cold. the last five days have been in the 40's. the average is 60. there is snow on the way tomorrow. just a little wintry mix. like we had on sunday. the accumulations will be mostly north and the northwest of the metro area. a little mixed throughout the day tomorrow. the snowflakes will be glorified
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raindrops. . the time lapse of the moonrise popping up over the horizon at 4:20, rising up into the sky. 31 in leesburg, 31 in berryville, 29 in berkeley springs, 23 in frostburg. hard to believe it is late march. 31 in la plata, 23 degrees in stafford, virginia. unseasonably cool again today. this afternoon will be a few degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon. mostly clear overhead. some clouds of to our west. some of that will move into our region later on today. mostly sunny overall. an area of low pressure coming from texas will track of to the east along the gulf coast and up into the mid-atlantic. that will give us a wintry mix throughout the day tomorrow. it will pass to our southeast.
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we will notice it with the wintry mix tomorrow off and on. sunny and cooler tomorrow, low 50's's. mostly cloudy tonight in the 30's. tomorrow there is the wintry mix off and on throughout the day. total liquid equivalent in terms of precipitation tomorrow will be between a quarter inch and a half inch. mid 50's by the weekend. some rain and maybe a wintry mix thursday night into friday. now to lisa baden. glad you joined us. traffic is moving nicely brown the beltway, looks good on the interstate, quiet in the district. park police have no troubles at rock creek park and the the george washington parkway. let's look at the mixing bowl in rockville. 355, viers mill road, first street everything looks fine. looks good on 95 and 395.
5:22 am
this is near stirling andhirlngton. back to you. >> thank you. the wizards double their number of road victories in a single night. how they managed a rare victory away from home. >> today on "oprah," marie osmond opens up about the tragic death of her son, 4:00 on abc 7.
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spins and delays its up. >> the wizards their second road victory of the season in salt lake city last night. john wall scored 28. this fellow rookie gordon crawford added 25. the game went into overtime, but they won the game, 100-95. we avoided having the worst record in nba history. while the wizard struggled to avoid infamy, the capitals strived for first place in their division. >> alex ovechkin was back on the ice yesterday. he says he is ready to go tonight against carolina, which would indicate that he has recovered from his undisclosed ailment but the coach is not the middlcommital.
5:26 am
alberto gonzales was traded to san diego for minor league pitcher eric davis for the nationals. last spring game is today and the national go north. >> legendary football coach mcgregor resigned yesterday. they won 86% of their games. 16 washington catholic league championships as well as 350 of his players turned football scholarships to college. he is regarded as one of the best in the nation. he is leaving behind a legacy. >> pretty impressive record. good for him. 5:26, 34 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> did you see "dancing with the stars" last night? it was a three-way tie.
5:27 am
but tonight someone has to say goodbye. >> the president defends america's involvement in libya. we will break it down, next. >> in the weather center we are tracking a new storm system tomorrow
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> you don't do that to your child. they are god's gift. we are supposed to treat them that way. >> straight ahead a shocking case of suspected child abuse. a mother accused of neglect. abc 7 has learned this is not her first time. good morning, washington. it is tuesday, march 29. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. much more on that in a few minutes. we begin with traffic and weather. adam caskey has a check on vehicle forecast. >> it feels like a winter morning again.
5:30 am
28 in hagerstown, at the freezing mark in frederick, 34 in the district, 29 in quantico 25 in culpeper, 28 in cumberland. like a winter morning. it is chilly, low to mid 30's. a lot of sunshine today, verizon low 50's's -- high temperatures in the low 50's today. we could have a little snow mixed with rain tomorrow, little to no accumulation. accumulation will be mainly in higher elevations. in the 50's today 40's tomorrow. 66 traffic westbound leaving glebe road headed to the beltway, there is lingering road work, no evidence of delays in this camera. looks good across the roosevelt
5:31 am
bridge. 270, no troubles, and the beltway looks good. now to news. to our top story a child abuse investigation in bristow. a virginia couple faces neglect charges after they allegedly locked their three children in a room and sealed the entrance with dry wall. >> this happened in the 12,000 block of lost court. we have learned about a similar accusation against the same mother six years ago. pamela brown joins us with the disturbing details on this story. good morning. >> good morning. we have learned that 33-year-old john robey and 26-year-old christina moore, the parents have an extensive criminal background spanning six years. they are behind bars facing recounts of telling the child abuse and neglect for what allegedly happened inside this two-story family style house in
5:32 am
bristow. this happened on saturday according to authorities. the two trapped veratrine naked daughters in a small room by nailing a 5-foot tall piece of dry wall in front of the doorway. the four-year-old daughter escaped and alerted a neighbor that per two-year-olds and four- month-old sister were still concealed. authorities found feces and urine covering the room, but no signs of abuse or neglect. authorities believe the daughters were in there for no more than a day. the couple has had a series of arrests and charges in the past. many traffic violations, possession of a controlled substance. in 2005 christina moore was arrested after her 22-month-old twin boys were found wandering alone along a busy county road policy was a sleepinasleep in a nearby camper. it's not clear now who has
5:33 am
custody of the suns. the daughters are in child protective custody and they will appear -- a couple will appear in court. a school bus driver was arrested on child pornography charges. he was arrested last month after a nearly yearlong investigation. the school system fired him but did not notify parents. he drove for poolesville and prince orchard high school lakeland park middle school and brown station elementary. nato will take over the lead role tomorrow in libya. >> president obama today takes his case for military action against libya on the road. ben eisler has details. good morning. >> the president offered an impassioned case for u.s. involvement in libya but emphasized the importance of a
5:34 am
multilateral nato coalition and not going alone. with the help of an international alliance, libya and rebels have recaptured nearly all the ground they lost as they continue to make strides. president obama made his case and home. >> the u.s. and the world faced a choice. gaddafi declared he would show no mercy to his own people. it was not in our national interest to let that happen. i refused to let that happen. >> beyond human rights, the president emphasized that these gains have come at a relatively low cost. unlike in iraq, the u.s. has not gone into this alone. >> regime change their took eight years thousands of american and iraqi lives and nearly $1 trillion. that is not something we can afford to repeat in libya. >> the president stopped short of supporting the forcible removal of the doctor because that would splinter the coalition. that became a point of contention with republicans. >> now we are fighting on the
5:35 am
side of the anti-gaddafi rebels. we are paving the way for them. he should acknowledge that. >> the president has been caught all along between those saying that he has not done enough and others that say he has done too much. the u.s. plans to pursue financial and other efforts to drive the dictator out. secretary of state clinton is meeting with other world leaders to explore those options. the japanese government says the deteriorating situation at the crippled nuclear power plant is very grave. highly toxic plutonium was found in several spots outside the facility. humans are not at risk according to officials but it feels suspicions that radioactive water is leaking from the damaged fuel rods. radiation from the japanese nuclear power plant has made its
5:36 am
way to our area. officials say that traces of radioactive material were found in rain water, but it is not a threat to public health. maryland and virginia are testing air drinking water vegetation, and milk. urging people not to drink rainwater. prince george's county executive rushern baker will deliver a state of the state economy address tonight. he will speak at a chamber of commerce event that will showcase economic development projects in prince george's county. his speech will begin at 6:00 at the riggs alumni center at the university maryland in college park> the. council members want to know if the d.c. mayor gave jobs to friends and their children. and dealing with sulaiman brown a top aide. several witnesses testified that
5:37 am
vincent gray's former chief of staff pressured to find them jobs. a bold robbery attempt in the middle of the national mall. >> and what could happen if congress cuts million blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack.
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i am a contestant on "teacher tournament in jeopardy.' with my colleagues in virginia and my students. >> good morning, washington. 5:40. good morning on this tuesday. adam caskey in the weather center. satellite and radar to start show cold temperatures, clear skies. that will allow temperatures to plummet into the 20's in outlying areas. an area of low pressure developing in texas will push off to the east and northeast passing to the south of us by tomorrow. that will bring us some active weather. you will notice the precipitation off and on throughout the day tomorrow. 34 right now in the district, 29 in martinsburg 27 in culpeper.
5:41 am
little bit warmer at the water at lexington park. the average high is 60 degrees but we will only reach the low 50's today. light mixed precipitation tomorrow with limited accumulation. low 40's tomorrow. the commute is great, looks good on the beltway, no accidents on the interstates quiet on the suitland parkway and the george washington parkway. traffic out of southern maryland, looks good out of waldorf and accokeek and oxon hill and southeast washington. that's good coming out of rosslyn into falls church. here's the pace on 270, headlights are northbound on the way to frederick. traffic heading away from us is southbound from 85 past 109
5:42 am
normal volume building. back to you. >> thank you. 34 degrees outside 5:41. >> coming up, from the karate kid to ballroom pro, we will look at the leader board in the second week of "dancing with the stars." >> and atta [ female announcer ] real fruit smoothies from mccafé are real fruit as in strawberries blackberries blueberries, and bananas which mas them really delicious. ♪ ♪ that's what we're made of. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. a prince william county couple faces child abuse charges after police say they trapped their three daughters in a bedroom at their bristow home by nailing plywood to the door. one of the girls escaped and went to a neighbor for help. president obama is defending his decision to allow u.s. forces to participate in operations in libya. last night in a speech to the
5:46 am
nation he said that doing nothing could have led to a slaughter of innocent civilians. the bronx zoo is still looking for boys and as egyptian cobra that has been missing since last friday. the reptile house is now closed. officials say the snake is probably inside the building somewhere and not a threat to republicans. -- not a threat to the public. police are searching for the suspect who tried to rob a man at the smithsonian castle garden. brianne carter has details. what happened? >> this is the first attempted robbery to happen along the national mall in years. this happened in a very popular area. we are near the carousel and not far from the metro stop along the national mall. this is a time when people come here to d.c., especially this week during the cherry blossom
5:47 am
festival. park police say that it happened around 5:00 monday afternoon. the man was in the castle garden at the smithsonian institution building near ninth street and jefferson street when he was attacked by two masked men. they knocked him down and went through his pockets but fled without taking anything. d.c. fire and ems took the man to the hospital with minor injuries. we don't know the identity of the man. park police are still investigating this, trying to find out exactly what happened. brianne carter reporting, abc 7 news. this cherry blossoms season is proving to be a cold one. at the tidal basin yesterday there were fewer visitors than usual. the ones who did break the temperatures were bundled up. the national park service says the unusual cold weather should not hurt the blossoms. they are supposed to reach their peak bloom from today through
5:48 am
friday. checking news around the region metro's general manager says efforts to maintain and overhaul the transit system would suffer if congress cuts $150 million in the federal funding. there would be more train delays and stations would become a shabby and the worn out ticket machines would not be replaced. virginia is looking for company to help it sell sponsorship at the rest stops. sponsors could reach millions of people who built it the rest stops. they hope the plan will generate $3.5 million to help maintain those areas. the maryland state house today, a group plans to rally outside regarding in in-state tuition bill for immigrants. and yesterday the senate passed a bill allowing winery's to ship
5:49 am
directly to maryland residents. time to a check on traffic and weather. >> adam caskey is back after a nice break being home with the kids. now it's back to cold weather. >> just in time to forecast the wet snowflakes for tomorrow. the calendar says spring, but mother nature has a different idea lately. that will continue tomorrow. not a big deal tomorrow, mainly just rainfall mixing with snow. you can barely see the moon above the horizon on your screen. there is. the moon rising over the district, the crescent moon that was at 4:19. it'34 degrees in arlington with
5:50 am
a northwesterly breeze, keeping the cold air locked into place today. 34 in arlington 30 in mount airy, 28 in berkeley springs -- 27 in mount airy. 33 la plata. huntingtown at 28. clear skies overhead today. that helps drop temperatures in the morning and helps the heat to escape through the nighttime where is the clouds would act as an insulator. we did not have that insulator last night. area of low pressure developing in texas. that will continue to track to the east along the gulf coast pick up a little moisture, move into our backyard tomorrow and drop some of that moisture in the form of rain momixing with a little snow. that precipitation should be in
5:51 am
the higher elevations north and west of us. most of the precipitation would be in the midday and in the evening. wet snowflakes, not a big deal glorified raindrops. sunny and 53 today. mostly cloudy tonight mid 30's. low 40's tomorrow. a cool day tomorrow with the wintry mix. light precipitation thursday night into friday and again sunday into monday. warming up by early next week. warming up is the traffic volume. metro rail reporting normal service systemwide. we will begin in virginia with normal delays out of woodbrige on the roads. looks good on route 4 and route 5 coming out of southern maryland. normal on 95 and the b-w parkway. looks good at thurgood marshall airport. southbound out of frederick into montgomery county, and 66 and 95
5:52 am
starting to slow. usual stuff in manassas. 95 out of woodbrige as well. here we are out of springfield. travel times in your favor. back to you. >> thank you. hundreds of radio shack stores quietly lost sales of the apple ipad 2 today. >> housing is back in focus on wall street and in washington. for those stories and more, linda bell @ bloomberg headquarters in new york. good morning. >> good morning. let's begin with fannie mae and freddie mac in the hot seat again. today house republicans plan to propose legislation to wind down the government's influence on them. part of the legislation would raise the fees they charge for guaranteed loans. investors are getting the latest numbers on home prices. it includes the washington d.c. area as well as 19 other u.s. cities. you may have noticed some drug
5:53 am
stores and groceries putting baby formula under lock and key. researchers say that baby formula is being stolen as thieves sell it for big bucks. some of these even use it to cut the strength of heroin and cocaine. at least six states are looking to pass legislation to curb organized theft of medical items such as prescription drugs as well as baby formula. hundreds of radio shack stores are raising the bar. about 500 of its busiest locations will start selling the ipad 2. no specific details on whether any of the ones in the d.c. area will be selling it. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 34 degrees 5:53. >> we will be right
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
so far it has been all fun and games, but tonight the first contestant will have to go home on "dancing with the stars." take a look. >> ♪ >> last night's three couples tied for first place. chris jerico, romeo, and heinz court all -- hines wwardard.
5:57 am
pierce the alley and her partner finished their quickstep with eight kid -- with a kiss. >> it seemed like the thing to do. >> sugar ray leonard ended up in the three-way tie for last place with windy williams and mike. we will see what happens and see which one goes home. >> 1980's fitness guru richard simmons has a new job. >> hi, everybody. in the next few minutes we're going to work out and get you fit to fly. let's go. >> he is now delivering safety
5:58 am
instructions on new zealand's airlines flights. he encourages passengers tuesdto flex by putting their luggage into the overhead compartment. it is the latest in a new series of videos from new zealand's ai air. >> people will want to that. >> you will watch. >> he looks exactly the same. >> he does. there's a lot more still to co
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